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Other Candidates Playing Politics While Marc Thielman Stays on Mission to Protect Parental Rights

By January 30, 2022April 12th, 2022Press Releases
Other Candidates Playing Politics While Marc Thielman Stays on Mission to Protect Parental Rights | Marc Thielman For Oregon Governor


Statements released by Superintendent and Gubernatorial Candidate Marc Thielman in response to attacks about a Benton County Public Health sponsored event listed on his school district’s website.

At a time when we should all rise up to be on the same mission of putting kids and families first through fighting for medical freedom for all Oregonians, some of my opponents are jumping onto an opportunity to play politics, rather than standing up as I am to do all they can to protect parental rights.

There is an upcoming clinic event discussed in circulating screenshots from our district website which is 100% hosted by the Benton County Health Department, and NOT the Alsea School District.

Benton County has a long-standing history of using our public school site for public health activities, which includes their upcoming vaccine clinic that will take place for three hours in the evening on Tuesday, February 1, after school hours. In a small rural setting like Alsea, very few physical community-gathering sites exist.

We strongly support parental rights, in-person learning, informed consent, are now mask-optional and are against discriminatory vaccine policies, which is why our district has exploded with enrollment across our programs over the last two years in particular, adding to the continued growth this district has seen since I came on as superintendent more than a decade ago. We advocate for student and parental rights and partner together with families to honor their wishes for their children.

Let me be clear: I do not allow Benton County Health to do all-day, school-based clinics, nor give teen vaccine incentives as most other school districts actually have been doing. The later hours allow parents to be involved and available to provide informed consent if they choose to pursue that decision.

We are trying to update the listing on the Alsea district website to clarify this critical distinction between a school sponsored activity and what is sponsored by Benton County. Unfortunately, it’s unclear how it currently reads now at first glance. Again, the clinic is run by Benton County—not the Alsea School District—and certainly NOT while kids are in school.

“Marc” is not hosting a vaccine clinic! The Benton County Health Department is holding this clinic. They are setting up on the public campus after the end of the school day, when kids are gone and off campus. I did not, nor have I ever, allowed them to take place during the school day like other school districts across our state—including likely in the very areas these other candidates reside in!

I am not anti-vaccine; I am very anti-mandate and VERY pro-medical freedom!

Out of desperation, other campaigns are now quietly sharing this misleading information behind-the-scenes as I continue to prioritize parents and students through decisive action, this time by returning local control to our district and making masks optional, while others running to be your next governor are trying to smear me and this grassroots, people’s rights-centric campaign.

I spoke out against lockdowns and I kept my school open when other schools were closed across the state, saving hundreds of families from extreme hardship—including from youth suicide—as we tragically witnessed those stories shared across other regions throughout Oregon where schools were closed and families struggled.

Our campaign’s continued growth and momentum following the latest round of news coverage—including the national interview with FOX News Channel’s the Ingraham Angle—is showing more Oregonians that I have been a true man of action and will stand up to do what’s right.

Thousands of parents across the state first saw me at the Oregon State Capitol when I was advocating alongside them speaking out against open discrimination through a mandatory vaccine bill, House Bill 3063, that would have kicked about 60,000 kids out of Oregon schools!

I was the only school superintendent to publicly speak out against HB 3063 in 2019, and I was the only superintendent to publicly testify against OHA’s permanent indoor mask mandates at both their public hearings this month on January 20th and 24th.

I also directly supported the team of self-less Oregonians, headed by my own campaign manager, to launch a call-to-action campaign with Stand for Health Freedom that generated 15,000 pieces of testimony against the OHA as they also quietly attempt to pave the way to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine as a prerequisite for school and change the definition of immunity to be vaccine-induced-only and remove the scientific definition of natural from their definition.

I have consistently taken on the full weight of governmental agencies like OHA, OSHA and ODE to protect parental rights and put kids first, as my track record shows, and I will continue to do so!

Even Governor Brown tried to shut me down and smear me again at the start of this past school year and near the launch of my run to be your next governor, but we shared the truth and effectively called out her bullying and oppressive anti-parental rights policies.

Again, the clinic is run by Benton County—not the Alsea School District—and certainly NOT while kids are in school.

While OHA is attempting to ram forward to make their temporary rules permanent for forced medical measures, some conservative candidates are showing the public one of the very reasons WHY we have NOT had a republican governor in our state in four decades!

I do not have a political career or reputation that I am trying to protect; my sole focus is and has been on protecting parental and student rights and fighting for our future freedoms and future generations wanting to call Oregon home.

It’s time to shine an even larger light on establishment players no matter where they lie. While other candidates try to bury truth, I have been transparent since DAY 1 about any battle scars I carry from standing up to do what’s right while others have tried—but failed—to cancel me.

I have been involved at the grassroots level for years standing up for parental rights, school choice, and medical freedom—among other major issues plaguing our state—by effectively pushing back against the unchecked agencies and radical ideologies thrust upon us by the failed leadership of Governor Brown, the imbalanced supermajority choke-hold in our Oregon State Legislature, and unelected bureaucrats using their administrative power and bloated budgets to further remove our liberties and our right to pursue a safe and prosperous life.

I built my campaign team from grassroots leaders who have track records themselves of being action-oriented change agents to help hold the line in the sand for our hard-working families.

I even unexpectedly announced my candidacy at the Oregonians for Medical Freedom vigil event on June 9th last year across from the state capitol—literally unbeknownst to my campaign team as our website was not yet live and we had nothing printed to share—because my heart felt so compelled to do so to tell the hundreds of families present that there is hope to bring change into the Governor’s office with someone who has been standing with them bearing witness to their battle, while also fighting for several years now. No other announced candidates at the time, including some who are campaigning for medical freedom, attended that important rally cry for remembrance of loved ones, collateral damage done and the justice they seek.

Rather than reach out to me personally or through our campaign and ask for a copy of the recent resolution we passed at my school making masks optional and up to parents, these candidates would rather play POLITICS and misguide voters by grabbing onto the legitimate concern and need for clarification, before getting the truth.

In fact, one campaign in particular has made statements on several occasions that I run a “dirty” campaign. Yet, this individual has publicly called fellow conservatives in their own region “extreme” and compared that group of Oregon patriots to Antifa (and those visiting, which included members of my campaign team and me at the time), while they absconded from a scheduled opportunity to try and support their own county by engaging in public conversations about additional measures to support state and federally-protected constitutional rights in the face of the encroachment we’ve experienced.

As Oregonians, we must unite and fight together on this battlefront and continue to seek out truth against government overreach and special interests. We have seen what this corporate-driven agenda wants to do. While other states and nations free their citizens from unconstitutional mandates and failed tyrannical policies, current Oregon leadership is doubling down.

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