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Human Rights & Health Freedom Leader Kevin Jenkins Supports Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Human Rights & Health Freedom Leader Kevin Jenkins Supports Marc Thielman

Recently, during the Reawaken Tour, I had the privilege of sitting down with Kevin D. Jenkins to discuss several topics, including Faith, Family and Freedom. It was also a distinct honor to have Kevin share his support for me as a candidate for Oregon Governor 2022 from the stage at that large event.

I greatly admire Kevin. He is an incredible public speaker and transformational executive with an impressive track record leading the charge as CEO of Freedom Med, former Urban Global Health Alliance CEO/Founder, and CMO/Founder of Freedom Travel Alliance.

As a lifelong champion for human rights in the black community, Jenkins continues to show his dedication to these rights through educating and empowering communities and their leaders to create effective policy to safeguard rights of equality and highlight real health solutions.

Jenkins has naturally evolved into a truth warrior and endeavors to level the global playing field by exposing hidden agendas, lies, corruption and distorted versions of truth that continuously divide our communities. He shines a light into the dark corners of psyops that oppress society and the world, today now more than ever. Not only does Kevin bring to attention injustices that are being perpetrated right under our noses but he provides more than rhetoric. He shares what he calls “methods to action” in order to defeat “modern day slavery of ALL races.” He is also one of the producers of the documentary film called, “Medical Racism: The New Apartheid” that everyone should watch.

As CEO of Freedom Med, he is working on a team of amazing folks to revolutionize healthcare in this country by doing something that doesn’t seem revolutionary: restoring faith in the doctor-patient relationship and offering world-class healthcare from doctors who are focused on health, not on big Pharma’s bottom line.

Following the February 25th Unite for Medical Freedom event we were both invited to speak at in Portland, he had some kind words to share as well on Instagram.

“Hey Oregon, you got a great candidate for Governor! Check out @marcfororegon and give him your support! He’s been fighting for your freedoms for a very long time.” – Kevin Jenkins

We were also both invited as speakers at the Oregonians for Medical Freedom Vigil held June 9th, 2021, across from the Oregon State Capitol, where I first met Kevin upon an introduction and the very day I announced publicly that I was running to be Oregon’s next Governor.

I hope you enjoy our interview as much as I enjoyed this special conversation together with Kevin! Special thanks to Noncompliant America for recording our interview and to KSLM for lending their media booth space to all the awesome activities through the course of that event.

If you would like to support our fight for faith, family and freedom through my campaign, please consider a donation to help us get the message our further.

About the Marc for Oregon Gubernatorial Campaign

Marc Thielman is a Republican candidate for governor in Oregon and former Superintendent of the Alsea School District. The Marc for Oregon campaign is a grassroots constitutionally-minded campaign that promotes restoring the power to the people and ending government overreach. For more information about Marc for Oregon, visit, contact [email protected] for interview requests, email [email protected] for general inquiries, and follow @marcfororegon on social media.