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Marc Thielman | Republican Candidate For Oregon Governor

Meet Marc Thielman

Marc stood up against Governor Kate Brown and the failed school closure policies by safely keeping his district and programs open, saving hundreds of students and families from unnecessary hardship and poor mental health outcomes, including youth suicide. Marc is a father, husband, award-winning teacher and coach, long-time school superintendent, non-partisan policy advisor and tree farmer. He is loved and admired across the state by the people of Oregon for his non-judgmental approach and ethos of always standing up to do what’s right—even in the face of adversity—to fight against agenda-driven policies and politics as usual. He’s got a plan to turn SOCIALISM on its head and bring forth programs and political approaches that serve the people, not the system!

Superintendent Marc Thielman with Student | Mark For Oregon Governor

Respected & Loved Community Leader

Marc is loved across the state of Oregon by people from all political backgrounds for his unifying leadership style, direct solutions-based approach to problem solving, his empowerment of those working around him, and his steadfast principle of always standing up to do what’s right⁠—even in the face of adversity or political backlash⁠—to fight against the agenda-driven policies and politics as usual that have sadly become commonplace by many sitting in publicly-elected positions abusing their power, while ignoring the needs of countless Oregon children, families and businesses.

Marc And Brenda Thielman attending the 2020 Alsea Junior High Graduation | Marc For Oregon Governor

A Prominent Voice Against Lockdowns

The COVID pandemic inadvertently pushed Superintendent Thielman into the educational and policy forefront, as he earned the confidence of his certified and classified staff and safely opened for in-person instruction for the entire 2020-2021 school year, with zero COVID cases traced back to the school as the source.

This clear success created huge momentum among Oregon parents and communities to follow his lead and work to get more schools open and stop unnecessary harm to students and families. Marc took his success outside the Alsea School District by speaking truth to power and demanding that the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Department of Education and the governor’s office produce an objective measurement of the impact of government imposed shut down on students and families versus the impact of the virus on these students and families. The results of his advocacy contributed to the “surprise” school reopening announcement by Governor Brown on December 23rd, 2020! Marc is an effective voice for the voiceless – tirelessly demanding the science and transparency from state government agencies, and championing the struggle imposed by draconian and highly politicized COVID policies, which have done unjustifiable harm to Oregon students, families, businesses and communities.

Marc Thielman in The Den | Marc For Oregon Governor

Marc’s Promise to Every Oregonian

It’s my promise to every Oregonian that I will stand firm in the pursuit of sound policy, not special interests. In my career as superintendent, I have come to see being ‘under investigation’ as a badge of honor as many mechanisms of government have been used by unethical people to ‘cancel’ effective change leaders who stand up for what is right. This kind of focus and leadership is rare, but sorely needed in public service. It’s clear my path has now led me to this moment, together with the good people of Oregon, to enter the race to be their next Governor. I will continue to tell the truth and will not be intimidated, as my track record shows.” – Superintendent Marc Thielman

Marc and Brenda Thielman | Marc For Oregon Governor

Marc’s Mission For Oregon

Marc is on a mission to bring forth balance through tangible and sustainable policies that are not derived from special interest-led lobbying efforts in Salem made behind closed doors. As a trusted policy advisor to many elected legislators in the House and Senate during the last decade, he has already helped put into practice effective policy change and legislation.

He understands firsthand what countless Oregonians are experiencing: that Oregon is an amazing state, filled with truly diverse and amazing people living within a backdrop of stunning natural beauty, but that recent abuses of power yielded by top ranking politicians and unelected bureaucratic agency leaders have pushed Oregon into a declined and poorly-run state that many have chosen to flee from.

Marc sees hope and opportunity to turn harmful policies around, while empowering all people of Oregon to once again, have a transparent and engaged administration that listens, learns and acts on behalf of the interests of the public through an involved and open democratic process.

Children in Classroom Learning | Marc Thielman For Oregon Governor

Marc believes in helping all students and families truly thrive, not just survive. He listened to parents and kids about their personal learning and family needs during the initial lockdowns and worked hard to develop a new program that offered another, new viable school choice option for students called Learn at Home Oregon, even amidst unprecedented pandemic policy pressures and careful budgetary balancing. His investment in the next generation of leaders has not only paid off, but it continuing to grow as nearly 600 students came into the new public school program fall of 2020 for the school year. These families span across the state of Oregon and are grateful to Marc and his leadership to offer something better and healthier for their children as most public schools kept kids in front of screens for 5-6 hours a day.

Superintendent Marc Thielman Kept His School Open Safely and Graduated Many Students

Calling anything about 2020 or 2021 thus far “normal” is anything but, yet Superintendent Marc Thielman, through his bold policy decisions and local community partnerships with his staff and Benton County Health, successfully held his campus open to full in-person for all K-12 students 2020-2021, proudly graduating the class of 2021 from Alsea High School when other schools had been predominantly closed for in-person learning.

In 2022, he also stepped up and worked with his board to make masking at school a local level decision in his district, with a resolution that allows parents and students the clear option to choose what’s best for their families.

Marc Thielman at Banks Tractor Pull Event | Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Governor Brown did not want to open schools back up, let alone let kids play sports this past year and a half. Superintendent Marc Thielman fought hard behind the scenes against the OSAA to ensure that students had an opportunity to play sports again. Even as his efforts were yielding results and sports like football all opened back up, the OSAA tried to place different practice rules for Girls Basketball over Boys Basketball, so once again he pushed back on the ridiculous, inequitable and unfair policy. Before long, policies changed once again and girls throughout the state were afforded the same practice opportunities as their male counterparts. Many sports teams went on to have great seasons across the state, creating opportunities for more positive memories and experiences for our youth, amidst the overriding circumstances. [Photo credit: Drew Layda, 2021 Banks Tractor Pull; Banks Braves girls softball team.]