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Solid Policy Solutions Rooted in Reason, Not Politics

Helping All Children in Oregon Attend School to Learn | Marc Thielman For Oregon Governor
Marc for Oregon Supports School Choice and Education for All

Open Classrooms, Serving All Children.

Marc Thielman supports keeping classrooms safely open, implementing viable school choice policy and maintaining his track record for standing up for all students and families. He views a tax-funded education as a fundamental right for all Oregon children and school choice as an equalizing force for maximizing educational outcomes for our children. Unlike many of his colleagues in public education, Marc believes that parents and caretakers are critical allies in each child’s educational development. Marc has already created policies in his own district to empower families to work collectively with school personnel to support their students.

Marc stood up against Governor Kate Brown and her failed school closure policies by safely keeping his district and programs open. It saved hundreds of students and families from unnecessary hardship and poor mental health outcomes, including youth suicide.

Restore Justice and End Lawlessness | Marc For Oregon Governor
Restore Justice and End Lawlessness | Marc For Oregon Governor

Restore Justice and End Lawlessness

Oregonians are under unnecessary duress as lawlessness and crime have overtaken Oregon’s streets. A crime wave has shaken our state to its core, due to the negligence and malfeasance of some ill-intentioned politicians. These particular corrupt politicians even financed aspects of the downtown Portland riots with taxpayer dollars, while defending the behavior of violent leftist extremist groups that took to the streets wreaking havoc on law-abiding citizens and small businesses struggling to stay afloat after irreparably harmful lockdowns. This lack of justice and sheer disregard for law and order made the City of Roses an international beacon of shame and attracted even further violence and chaos by those wanting to destroy American values.

Marc believes the judicial system serves an important societal function and laws should be applied to those who break them. Releasing criminals who took to arson, looting, hurting people and damaging buildings that caused widespread destruction and fear—that were later released without consequence—pointedly demonstrates the irresponsible willful misconduct rampant by some current elected officials.

Healthcare Choice and Patient-Centric Medicine | Marc For Oregon Governor
Marc for Oregon Believes in Healthcare Choice and Patient-Centric Medicine

Healthcare Choice and Patient-Centric Medicine

Patient-doctor relationships and trust in our public health agencies are paramount, not policy favoring the pharmaceutical industry that tend to put profits ahead of patients and best practices. We cannot let these motives compromise the quality of care or access to medical treatments, disempowering individuals and those most underserved.

We need to add healthy competition into the healthcare space by adding more options, while increasing transparency in pricing at hospitals. We need to restore true informed consent to ensure patients are actually provided with a clear choice and a full evaluation of treatments by individuals and their families. We need greater responsibility and accountability of government programs when they are providing personal healthcare.

Marc for Oregon Governor Will Drive A Strong Economy and Support for Small Businesses
Marc for Oregon Knows Small Businesses Are the Backbone of Good Economics

Strong Economic Policies Supporting Small Business

Results from extreme taxation and a poor climate for business operation have not led to better outcomes for Oregonians. Marc supports policy reform that brings back strong economic policies to lift up small business growth, not hinder it, as well as implement innovative approaches to foster better jobs and local investments to keep hard-earned dollars directed at building-up our state economy.

It’s time for policies that attract businesses to want to come and stay in Oregon, not flee to other states. There is no acceptable rationale—especially during a budget surplus of $500 million—that the 2021 super-majority run legislature should have brazenly pushed through yet another burdensome tax on small businesses, let alone one that retroactively further destroys our small businesses while Governor Brown and her agencies kept them closed as big business stayed open and collected more revenue with less competition. Marc will work hard to protect small businesses, not cater toward large corporate players-only.

It’s important to carefully evaluate and qualify our state’s spending to manage our resources effectively. We know Oregonians want to build and grow opportunities for themselves and their families—not wait for or rely on inefficient, unaccountable, and expensive layers of bureaucracy. It’s clear that more government and spending is not the solution; in fact, it is the root of the issue here in Oregon.

Homeless Camp in Portland | Marc For Oregon Governor
Marc for Oregon Will Fight for Affordable Housing and Solution-Oriented Programs

Affordable Housing and Solution-Oriented Programs

Oregonians deserve access to affordable housing and programs that look at both short-term as well as long-term benefits. Marc will fight for affordable housing options. He will also coordinate and develop more robust solution-oriented programs for those on the streets, or close to it, who are in need of compassionate and fair programs that empower the immediate and future security of those less fortunate.

The policies of those leading the charge on reducing homelessness in our state have failed miserably. Together, with community partnerships and local investments, we can do better for our residents, no matter where they reside.

Clear Focus on Environmental Stewardship and Forestry Management | Marc For Oregon Governor
Marc for Oregon Stands for Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Catchy slogans and feel-good mottos about taking care of our earth are sometimes just that: statements vs. real solutions that take into account a variety of factors that aim to unify society through sustainable practices, not pull sides further apart.

As a tree farmer, Marc knows firsthand that keeping a focus on effective environmental stewardship and forestry management should be holistic in nature and work from the bottom up—not just the top down with proclaimed policies that sound good, but aren’t realistic to implement without causing harmful unintended consequences. We need layered roll-outs of viable solutions to allow for policies that are practical to adopt, allow for in-process evaluation and an ability to make adjustments as needed.

It’s time to unite the public around sensible planetary policies, and push past the fear-mongering messaging to get down to sustainable and workable solutions for all Oregonians.

2A | Marc For Oregon Governor
2A | Marc For Oregon Governor

The 2nd Amendment Shall Not Be Infringed

Marc Thielman knows the 2nd Amendment is crucial to both the individual and collective security of all Oregonians and Americans. He believes the right to bear arms is inalienable and essential, as it serves as a foundational security system for every law-abiding citizen. Marc pledges to stand up for Oregonians’ 2nd Amendment rights and oppose anti-gun legislators and officials every step of the way.

Religious Freedom | Marc For Oregon Governor
Religious Freedom | Marc For Oregon Governor

Religious Freedom as a Cornerstone

Religious Liberty is a critical cornerstone of any just and free nation. Marc Thielman understands this and will adamantly fight to protect freedom of religion for all Oregonians.

Protect Sanctity of Life | Marc Thielman For Oregon Governor
Right to Life | Marc Thielman For Oregon Governor

Protect the Sanctity of Life

Marc Thielman stands to protect the sanctity of all human life. From our time in utero, through childhood and into adulthood, Marc believes every human being is endowed with an inherent right to life. He is the father of three wonderful adoptive daughters and a father to nine children total, and three grandchildren.