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Strong Economic Policies Supporting Small Business

Results from extreme taxation and a poor climate for business operation have not led to better outcomes for Oregonians. Marc supports policy reform that brings back strong economic policies to lift up small business growth, not hinder it, as well as implement innovative approaches to foster better jobs and local investments to keep hard-earned dollars directed at building-up our state economy.

It’s time for policies that attract businesses to want to come and stay in Oregon, not flee to other states. There is no acceptable rationale—especially during a budget surplus of $500 million—that the 2021 super-majority run legislature should have brazenly pushed through yet another burdensome tax on small businesses, let alone one that retroactively further destroys our small businesses while Governor Brown and her agencies kept them closed as big business stayed open and collected more revenue with less competition. Marc will work hard to protect small businesses, not cater toward large corporate players-only.

It’s important to carefully evaluate and qualify our state’s spending to manage our resources effectively. We know Oregonians want to build and grow opportunities for themselves and their families—not wait for or rely on inefficient, unaccountable, and expensive layers of bureaucracy. It’s clear that more government and spending is not the solution; in fact, it is the root of the issue here in Oregon.