Restore Justice and End Lawlessness

Oregonians are under unnecessary duress as lawlessness and crime have overtaken Oregon’s streets. A crime wave has shaken our state to its core, due to the negligence and malfeasance of some ill-intentioned politicians. These particular corrupt politicians even financed aspects of the downtown Portland riots with taxpayer dollars, while defending the behavior of violent leftist extremist groups that took to the streets wreaking havoc on law-abiding citizens and small businesses struggling to stay afloat after irreparably harmful lockdowns. This lack of justice and sheer disregard for law and order made the City of Roses an international beacon of shame and attracted even further violence and chaos by those wanting to destroy American values.

Marc believes the judicial system serves an important societal function and laws should be applied to those who break them. Releasing criminals who took to arson, looting, hurting people and damaging buildings that caused widespread destruction and fear—that were later released without consequence—pointedly demonstrates the irresponsible willful misconduct rampant by some current elected officials.