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Candidate for Governor Marc Thielman Calls for Equitable Election Coverage and Disavows Discrimination, Bullying and Threats

By March 23, 2022April 1st, 2022Press Releases
Candidate Marc Thielman Calls for Fair Election Coverage

March 23, 2022 – Statement from Gubernatorial Candidate Marc Thielman

It has come to the attention of Marc Thielman and the Marc for Oregon gubernatorial campaign that a member of the KATU News Channel 2 station, an ABC affiliate, and the Oregon Republican Party, may have received threatening statements recently during a time when hundreds—if not thousands—of members of the public took part in an open effort calling for the inclusion of grassroots candidate voices in KATU’s April 7 scheduled televised debate which included only five of the fourteen Republican candidates running for governor. Subsequent to public outcry, KATU News decided to cancel their scheduled televised primary gubernatorial debates for both parties.

The Thielman campaign became aware on social media that only selected governor candidates had been asked to be a part of KATU’s debate and emailed KATU to inquire about the nature of this debate.

In response, on March 18, KATU producer Evon Burnicle sent an email to the campaign stating, as criteria for participation: “Candidates must raise $750,000 by Thursday, March 31, 2022.” This invitation came with only 8 business days to meet that arbitrary threshold.

When members of the public, several grassroots gubernatorial campaigns, and various organizations learned that KATU was including only candidates who had raised three quarters of a million dollars or more, they began reaching out to the KATU news station, including KATU special projects coordinator Nate Baker to voice their concern.

News broke on Monday, March 21, 2022, that KATU had decided to cancel their primary debates.

On Monday, March 21, an unsubstantiated rumor was started online alleging potential threats of death and harassment were sent to a KATU staffer and an Oregon Republican Party staffer. The post stated that an unnamed “Thielman supporter” “allegedly” doxed and threatened a KATU staffer, and that “supposedly” there was a police report filed and that “likely” a restraining order would be filed. This suspect language concerned many on social media that this “story” may be a whisper campaign to cast shade on the Thielman campaign.

Candidate Marc Thielman responds:

“I want to make it crystal clear that I and my entire campaign team stand firmly against calling or advocating for violence of any kind, to any individual, at any time, and do not partake nor condone in violence or threats of violence. Our campaign does not and will never tolerate any form of harassment, discrimination, bullying or threats of violence towards any person or organization whatsoever.

“We disavow and disassociate from anyone who may engage in this type of inappropriate and inexcusable behavior.

“We appeal to those who are also aligned with inclusivity, accountability, and transparency to continue to champion sound and integrous campaigning and elections, which includes fair and equitable media coverage of ALL the candidates who have worked hard to enter this race.

“I encourage fellow candidates and the public to exercise civility, respect, and peaceful communications as we work collectively toward a brighter, safer, freer and more viable future for the state of Oregon.”

About the Marc for Oregon Gubernatorial Campaign

Marc Thielman is a Republican candidate for governor in Oregon and former Superintendent of the Alsea School District. The Marc for Oregon campaign is a grassroots constitutionally-minded campaign that promotes restoring the power to the people and ending government overreach. For more information about Marc for Oregon, visit, contact [email protected] for interview requests, email [email protected] for general inquiries, and follow @marcfororegon on social media.