Religious Freedom As A Cornerstone

Religious Liberty is a critical cornerstone of any just and free nation. Marc Thielman understands this and will adamantly fight to protect freedom of religion for all Oregonians.

Oregon’s state government has been consistently insensitive to various religious groups and their deep beliefs and freedoms. By doing things like attempting to pass House Bill 3063 in 2019, which would have created an open-ended list of vaccine mandates for children and potentially booted as many as 65,000 children out of school who could be missing as few as one dose, as well as the outright shutting down of church services for countless religious groups during the COVID-19 lockdowns—leftist politicians in current power have proven themselves to be cold and insensitive to the vibrant fabric of the many diverse religious groups and their belief systems, personal choices and practices here in Oregon.

Marc stands in stark contrast to the radical leftists that try to influence the executive branch here in Oregon; he believes every Oregonian and American has the constitutional right to worship, congregate and stand in belief of whatever religion they follow—regardless of the trending political narrative.

Attacks on religious freedom have come often from state governments; as a result a culture of insensitivity and maliciousness among differing groups has sadly become the norm. It’s time for someone to step into the Governor’s shoes with unifying capabilities with an intent to protect and preserve the innate basic human freedoms of which all Oregonians and Americans are constitutionally guaranteed. By standing for the principle of freedom of worship, Marc will ensure no religious group is excluded from our legislative, executive or judicial processes and will lead by example to foster a restored Oregonian culture of respect and love.