Honors and Strives to Protect the Sanctity of Life

Marc Thielman stands to protect the sanctity of all human life. From our time in utero, through childhood and into adulthood, Marc believes every human being is endowed with an inherent right to life. He is the father of three wonderful adoptive daughters and a father to nine children total, and three grandchildren.

The current state leadership and some politicians in power have allowed for the desensitization, callousness and inhumanity to overtake the much of the culture here of Oregon. Love, integrity and respect are becoming secondary to hatred, apathy and contempt.

This is because Oregonians have watched many elected leaders set an example that is apathetic to humanity. By doing things like financing abortion with tax dollars—including barbaric nine month and post birth abortions—trafficking Oregon foster children to publicly funded for-profit foster care facilities, neglecting to address the systemic abuse of children in our foster care system, while failing to address the epidemic of human trafficking that has enslaved countless Oregonians—a nihilistic example has been set.

Protecting the miracle of life and the culture surrounding that gift is a top priority for Thielman. He will do everything in his power to save our children.