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Oregonians For Medical Freedom PAC Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Oregonians For Medical Freedom

Senator Kim Thatcher Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Sen. Kim Thatcher

Oregon Firearms Federation

Dr. Tyna Moore

The Free American Network

S.M.A.R.T. Women's Healthcare Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

S.M.A.R.T. Women’s Healthcare

Free Oregon

Unmask Our Kids Oregon Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Unmask Our Kids Oregon

Dr. Henry Ealy Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Dr. Henry Ealy

Stand For Health Freedom Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Stand For Health Freedom

Lindsey Graham
The Patriot Barbie & Owner of Glamour Salon

West Coast Wake Up Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

West Coast Wake Up

Robert Snee Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Robert Snee

Take Back America

Kevin Jenkins Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Kevin Jenkins

Jared Schmeck

PRIE PAC Endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor

Parents’ Rights In Education

Marc Thielman has proven to be courageous and strong against the leftist, biased leaders and media in Oregon. This is the type of leadership we need to help turn this state around and put the people first above government. With God all things are possible! We The People will fight for what’s right, and Marc is right for Oregon!

Judy Hixson

I’ve held a close eye on politics the last few years. I know the courageous fighters prior to Covid and the ones who stood during Covid. Marc was fighting government proposed mandates PRIOR to Covid and that speaks volumes. We need a leader who will consistently push back, not just when it affects us all and we are forced to do something! Like back in April of 2019 when a mandatory vaccine proposal came to Salem, and so many didn’t have a clue. Marc was there testifying AGAINST it! I pulled my children from public school in the spring of 2020 and they have not returned. Marc is a school choice champion and that gives my family great hope for the money to follow the child. Praying for a victory in this May 17th primary. I’m with Marc.

Amber Doss
Wife, Mother, Stay-at-home and Homeschool Mom

Marc is a proven leader with an unwavering moral compass. Despite immense pressure from tyrannical leadership, Marc stood his ground and did what was right for his students and parents by remaining open during the pandemic and making masking optional. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Marc at numerous events and have been incredibly impressed with his genuine interest in what matters to Oregonians and proposed solutions. Marc has the natural ability to command a room and when he talks people are naturally drawn in to his message and energy. The stamina Marc has maintained throughout the campaign is remarkable and what is needed to give Oregon the chance it deserves. I wholeheartedly endorse Marc for Oregon’s next Governor. #imwithmarc

Kristin Sok
Host of conservative podcast, Freedom Fighter,
LEO Wife and Social Media Influencer

I’ve done several other endorsements but this one’s really special.

I want to give a shout out to Marc Thielman who’s running for Governor of Oregon, and I want to put my support behind him.

When I got a chance to meet Marc while being in Oregon several times, the one thing that struck me is his amazing amount of courage.  It’s not the courage of saying “rah, rah, rah; I just want to get rid of Antifa; I want to get rid of Socialism; I want to Restore Order and hand back the keys to education to parents.  Or to get back to the basics of arithmetic and science and the basics that allow for opportunity for our children in the future”.  But is embodies the type of courage of being able to stand up and having a record of standing up.

Marc stood up as the superintendent against the Governor of Oregon when they were shutting down and masking students. As a superintendent he stood as a shield against the tyrannical acts of the government of Oregon specifically.

He’s proven it; he’s proven that he’s going to make unpopular decisions with those in power that don’t look out for the better interest of their constituents; and Marc did so unapologetically.

When I asked him about those things and why he was willing to stand up he simply said: “I had to do what was right. I had to stand up for what was right”.

There are so many things that are happening in Oregon.  It was once a state that I personally loved to go visit. But as I fly into Portland; I’m reminded of all the radical agendas and the leadership that has infected this great state.

The next Governor of Oregon should be Marc Thielman. That’s why I 100% endorse Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon and you should too.

God Bless You All,

Joe Oltmann
Conservative Daily

The Free American Network’s mission is to hold the constitution of the USA in the highest regard and as the law of the land. To build and unify patriotism through the understanding and interpretation of our Bill of Rights. Marc Thielman’s commitment to reforming our educational system, our immigration policies in this state, and his desire to combat the over taxation of Oregonians, is why the Free American Network fully endorses Marc Thielman for Governor.

Scott Lippi
The Free American Network

Marc Thielman has distinguished himself as someone who will stand for Oregonians. He uses common sense, available information, and his questioning mind to make rational and informed decisions. His fight for his K-12 students regarding covid is just the latest example of this. His wisdom and courage to challenge the official narrative has been proven correct. Marc listened to the few experts willing to speak out against this bureaucratic covid blunder, one of those being the “inventor” of the mRNA shot technology, Dr. Robert Malone, who stated this shot should never be given to humans. Morbidity and mortality associated with the covid shot have since demonstrated just how correct Dr. Malone was. Same goes for the unfounded and ridiculous mask “mandates”.

Marc Thielman has legitimate, justifiable, and demonstrable concerns regarding Oregon’s licensing boards. He himself has been attacked by one Oregon board. He understands these boards act without oversight and are answerable to no one as they function as investigator, judge, jury, and executioner – “kangaroo courts”. These boards hold sham hearings where their predetermined decisions are instituted . Marc is determined to clean up this unconstitutional bureaucratic mess.

Oregon is run by a political mafia – see for documented details. Marc is ready to clean up this mess. Vote Marc Thielman for Governor for real government reform.

Eric Dover, MD
Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly

When I did my first live interview with Marc, I was totally impressed by the vibe I got from him & his team. Then, when we did the interview, it was all shooting from the hip. When he told me some of his ideas on homeless, I was like, Marc really wants to make a change for the better.

John Swienconek
J&F Tree Service, Inc.

Oregon needs and deserves a candidate who fights for its people and their freedoms. After a desolate reign of Kate Brown, Oregon needs a governor who will listen, act and care for the citizens.

Marc Thielman has already portrayed leadership and bravery in fighting for the rights of Oregon’s children and students. Marc has sacrificed his security, safety and income to stand up to unfathomable tyranny for the sake of his neighbors and fellow Oregonians.

It is time that Oregon is blessed with a governor who stands for freedom, faith and family above all else.

Imagine a state of living where mask and vaccine mandates don’t threaten your job or livelihood. Imagine a state where your small business never has to worry about “lockdowns” and stay home orders. Imagine a state where lawlessness, corruption and homelessness are addressed instead of encouraged. Imagine feeling like an American again: free.

As a mom, wife, business owner and prior Oregonian that endured the full wrath of poor governing, I can attest that the cost of electing the wrong candidate can be extremely devastating. The candidate you elect has the potential to affect your life and the life of your family and friends more than you know. I urge all Oregonians to vote for life, liberty, freedom, family first and for conservative values. I proudly endorse Marc Thielman for Oregon governor.

Lindsey Graham
The Patriot Barbie & Owner of Glamour Salon

In the battle for the soul of our country, Marc Thielman is a warrior who loves Oregon and our Country. He listens to his constituents with a true heart for helping work the problem and a great fighting spirit. Marc is strong on Law and Order, Election Integrity, securing our Border, and gun rights. In addition Marc walks the talk everyday and has a track record of fighting and beating Salem to protect the health and education of our children.   For these reasons and many more, Marc has the Complete and Total Endorsement of Take Back America cc for Governor of Oregon, because he FIGHTS!

Take Back America

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matthew 7:20). Marc does what is right.

Saralyn Dougall
Stay At Home Mom

Marc is sincere in his concern for the overall decline in our state. As concerned as I am. Marc has a plan that I can get behind and I love his answer when asked why he’s running, “Because God told me to!” That’s enough for me!

Carin Riley
Homemaker, Homeschooler, Keeper of the Farm

Our beautiful state has fallen to tyranny and we need transparency. More checks and balances. End to mandates and other non-science based health policies. Marc stands for freedom, autonomy and personal responsibility. The government should be there to support good health, not mandate nonsense.

Dr. Tyna Moore
Physician, Docere Consulting Group

Marc has the ability to think outside the box. He brings creativity and leadership that the other candidates cannot match. His Conservative values steer him to making the right choices for our children and for turning Oregon Red again. He has the gravitas to win this election better than all the other candidates.

Dordie Lamphier
Designer, Bummer Creek Designs

Marc Thielman has a plan to bring our state out of the doom and gloom of lawlessness in our cities, CRT in our classrooms, ridiculous taxes, and regulations on our small businesses, and unconstitutional mandates. He has proven that he is a problem solver, and that he is equipped to take on the machine that is the Oregon political establishment.

Marc is ready to hit the ground running to improve our state and bring it back to the days when communities were safe. Days when schools were for education, not indoctrination. Where hard work meant something.   Where values and merit meant something. Oregon needs a strong governor who will honor and uphold the US Constitution. A governor who values God, life, and liberty for all. Marc is that man.

Jared Schmeck
Oregon Patriot

In watching Marc’s video, I was impressed how well he expressed himself. My entire family have been teachers and I taught college. I grieve over the state of our schools nationwide at this point. A lot of cleaning up needs to be done; expose and throw out left-leaning teachers, school boards, principals and superintendents. This goes for universities, as well. Get back to basics; the 3 r’s–“Reading, ‘Riting and ‘Rithmatic”! No student should graduate from high school without a basic knowledge of government, history, math, science, the arts, and be able to read and write!

Reverse all of the ridiculous recent defunding of police, letting criminals go, high taxes, burdens on small businesses.

I believe in Marc doing these things and more!

Dr. Robert Thompson, A.Mus.D
Retired Professor and Musician

As a professional firefighter, first responder, veteran and now grandparent I have taken this Governor race very seriously. The current elected politicians on both sides of the isle have made a science of serving self over serving the people. My family is living that reality with every trip to the grocery store and gas pump. Education is also in total collapse and Marc Thielman is well versed in that field. Marc Thielman is from outside politics and has dedicated himself to serving the people. He is a problem solver, unwilling to say nothing can be done with the myriad of problems facing us. Marc Thielman is the new start Oregon needs, Marc Thielman is the steady hand Oregon deserves.

Stephen Hunter

Marc has been the one candidate for Governor that I have seen have merit on the front of pushing back and being loud when injustice is being done, even early on. There are other good candidates running for Governor in Oregon, however Marc has proven to us to be the strongest of them. Marc has good policy points and plans to enact them. Thank you so much Marc for doing what you are doing, we will help in any way we can. We at RogueSplice are in full support of his campaign.

Corbin Tolen
Rogue Splice

For the last several years I have watched Marc work tirelessly and fearlessly for his principles. We are lucky to have several great candidates for governor, but Marc is the one guy who always shows up to stand for the grassroots. Wherever concerned patriots gather to protest the insane policies of the left, Marc is there with them.
I believe that Marc will be a catalyst for positive change in Oregon, he understands that to truly lead you must forge ahead in uncharted territory to gain new ground. This is exactly what we need at this time in this State and Country. He has the pioneering spirit to tackle corruption and lead Oregon to higher ground. He also has the ability to reach a vast diverse group of citizens with his message. His clear concise communication and drive will attract and facilitate the brightest minds to join in his quest to bring Oregon into a new era restoring and rejuvenating its potential.

Dana Hindman-Allen
Candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner

Stand for Health Freedom supports those candidates who make and protect policy to support individual and family choice on how to care for their health and bodily autonomy. We believe Marc will defend and expand these rights for Oregon residents.

Leah Wilson
Stand For Health Freedom
Executive Director

Marc has consistently fought for parents’ rights. He demonstrates exceptional knowledge, integrity, and ability to stay focused and respond when under scrutiny and attack by his opponents. Marc is a visionary, driven by his commitment to restore individual liberty by upholding the US Constitution.
Marc  has successfully stood up to Governor Brown and the bureaucracy. He wants to put education back under your control through school choice. He has a solution for PERS to overcome the stifling government-created debt obligation that casts a dark shadow over the future for you and your children. And if you are tired of seeing your State trashed by homelessness and lawlessness, Marc Thielman is your man. I enthusiastically endorse Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon.
[Read full endorsement]

Stephen Joncus
Joncus Law P.C

I have been interviewing people on the airways for over 12 years, but it is Marc who has made the most impact on me. His ability to be succinct, honest, caring, passionate, and knowledgeable was a breath of fresh air in today’s climate. Government institutions need representatives that speak for people who seek political, religious, and health freedoms. Marc, in my estimation, is the person capable of fighting for these rights. His experience as an educational leader and a person who helped to draft positive governmental solutions solidify this endorsement. Marc’s dedicated resolve will bring integrity back to Oregon.

Rollyn Betts
Hebrew Nation Radio
Coach & Radio Personality

I appreciate Marc’s willingness to challenge the status quo and seek solutions that benefit our children while protecting our rights. Marc is a tenacious fighter who isn’t constrained by ideologies that repeat failed programs, and he has a quality lacking in far too many of today’s political leaders….the man has common sense. Marc is the leader that all Oregonians need to put Oregon back on the right track to restore Oregon to once again be a great place to grow up, get educated, and live like the free Americans we’re supposed to be.

Bob Snee
Founding Member of Oregonians For Medical Freedom
Retired Attorney

Marc Thielman doesn’t just talk, he demonstrates his tenacity and resolve to challenge the status quo in Salem. By law, as governor, Marc will also be the Superintendent of Public Instruction, ORS 326.300. Who could possibly be better equipped? K-12 public education is a national crisis, and the Oregon legislature is responsible for the dangerous policies at the epicenter of this failing bureaucracy, including stealing the right of the people to vote for the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Marc is prepared to tackle the difficult task of restoring parents’ rights in education, and local control of school boards. This issue must be addressed by someone who understands the inner workings of an all too powerful public employee union. Our government was designed to serve the people, not visa versa. Marc will represent all Oregonians. He believes in individual freedom, and truth. I stand with Marc Thielman.

Suzanne Gallagher
Parents’ Rights in Education
Executive Director

In 2021, my daughter suffered a terrifying accident while wearing a mask during basketball try-outs. After receiving zero support from our school district, I had no idea where to turn. I felt it was my duty as a mom to advocate to get masks off of our athletes and children. I was introduced to Marc and he listened to my pleas for help. He took time out of his busy life and crazy schedule to help a family on the other side of the state. He drove 8 hours round trip just to show his support and attend a school board meeting and offer his help to our local district. I couldn’t believe a man, I had never met, was willing to do all that for strangers. Since then, I have attended numerous events where Marc has spoken. What I have seen is a man full of integrity. A fighter. Someone with sincere convictions. A person who IS who he says he IS. Someone willing to stand up even when everyone else is too scared to. A man who will fight for ALL Oregonians. A man who will make Oregon a great place to live again.

Jessica Lay 
Mom & Real Estate Agent

It’s refreshing and a privilege to be able to endorse Marc Thielman for our next Governor for Oregon!

I am a lifelong Oregonian, and grassroots beef producer/rancher. That is my entire life’s vocation. I’ve made my living and raised a family being a beef producer and a good steward of our natural resources. I am a past Oregon Cattlemen’s Association President (2011-2013) and as such have been involved in state politics since John Kitzhaber’s beginning term as Governor, in the early 1990’s. Water issues was the catalyst for my beginning political engagement, but now the tragedy of our rural communities being decimated, educationally, culturally, and economically, are now my motivating factors.

Marc is NOT a politician, he IS a pragmatic problem solver, with fresh and honest solutions that will retrieve, rejuvenate, AND invigorate all of Oregon. His common sense, reality based conceptual, and positive approach to solving our current malaise, that exists through every level of our society, is truly honest and refreshing!

He has been through many attacks both professionally and personally, yet he maintains the desire for Oregon to be, AND do, better. Please join me and many others to bring Oregon out of the dark, sinister oppression of the tyranny of the past, and into a bright and shining future for ALL OREGONIANS!

Curtis W. Martin
Past President of Oregon Cattlemen’s Association
Eastern Oregon Rancher

It is with great pleasure and hope for our future that I endorse Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon.

Marc has consistently demonstrated his passion for educating children and protecting parental rights.

Marc has tirelessly fought to ensure that decisions impacting hundreds of thousands of children are based in accurate and verifiable scientific data and he has demonstrated the courage necessary to thoughtfully communicate his well-reasoned disagreements when these decisions haven’t been in the best interests of our children and threaten their safety.

When people show you who they are, we should believe them the first time.

Marc Thielman has consistently shown that he is a man of integrity, courage, and compassion during times of crisis.

While others were virtue signaling, playing shame and blame politics, and looking out for their own selfish gain, Marc Thielman was busy doing what’s right and putting children first.

His actions have demonstrated the leadership that is sorely lacking in our governance today.

It is with great pleasure and tremendous pride that I formally endorse Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon.

Dr. Henry Ealy

When it comes to standing with a candidate who has a proven track record of not only fighting for parents’ rights but the safety and well-being of our children, the decision was easy. For two years our children have been abused and parents ignored. This can never happen again and I believe, under Marc’s leadership it never will.

Marc has been a champion for parents, students, and Oregonians looking to preserve our rights while developing a plan for a stronger and safer future for all. His morals, values, leadership, bravery, and passion combined are everything that Oregon needs in order to thrive and survive. If you want true change, vote for Marc.

D Pakes  
Unmask Our Kids Oregon

As business owners in Oregon, my husband and I have watched current leadership trample on our rights, our values and our authority over our own business. Each day we are stunned by the government overreach in Oregon. We need a Governor that will speak up for the small businesses. These entrepreneurs are the spokes in the wheel that keep our beautiful state moving. Marc champions the small “Mom and Pop” companies that we all need and love. When you meet Marc, all you see is a genuine love for Oregonians. He speaks with honesty and integrity. He comes with REAL answers, not canned excuses. He has proven that he can work with folks on both sides of the coin. He first addresses the issue and then comes up with intelligent solutions that make sense and can’t be argued with by either side. He is what a true leader should look like. We are PROUD to stand by Marc and we fully endorse him as Oregon’s next Governor!

Sandra Cordeiro  
Door Masters Inc.
Business Owner

It’s simple…you either want a real Oregonian, who’s in touch and wants to remain so with Oregonians—or you can choose any other candidate and get your typical political puppet controlled by the elitists and their dirty money—who couldn’t care less about your problems.

Marc, after one email, came by our office—in person—to introduce himself. Our local politicians in Lane County don’t even give us the time of day. Oregon is one of a kind and deserves someone with some common sense to manage it—that person is Marc.

2022 is a crucial moment for this state. If we continue down this path of degradation and immorality, we will lose our beloved home. Vote for Marc and get more involved locally. Make the changes you wish to see in our society.

Dan Richey 
Staton Companies
Vice President

Marc has been a champion for medical freedom and informed consent since early 2019 when he testified against HB 3063 – a bill that sought to remove religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for schoolchildren. Had HB 3063 passed, an estimated 60,000 children in Oregon may have been denied access to school. Thanks to Marc’s testimony, HB 3063 did not pass – the result being that Oregon schoolchildren continue to have the ability to claim religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions to attend school. With the recent push for COVID-19 vaccine mandates, we need a leader in Oregon who will honor the foundational principle of informed consent in medicine. I believe Marc is Oregon’s strongest gubernatorial candidate for medical freedom. He has demonstrated the courage to do what’s right, and has the strong moral compass necessary to lead Oregon to a place of greater prosperity for all Oregonians.

Luke Yamaguchi
Gut Resolution
Functional Nutritionist

West Coast Wake Up is driven toward finding proven solutions to the real problems facing our society today.

Whether that is taking action in political affairs, advocacy, education or medical freedom, WCWU is dedicated to bringing greater awareness to core issues and inspiring the community at large to collectively wake up and act to make a brighter future.

Marc Thielman possesses these qualities in spades. He has the background to take on much-needed education reform, has a solid policy backbone, and is also staunch supporter of personal liberties and local control. His record of taking action in this state speaks volumes.

We endorse Marc Thielman as a viable and powerful candidate for our next governor of Oregon and believe he has the will and the resolve to help us wake up this state, for the better.

West Coast Wake Up PAC

We are living in unprecedented times like most of us have never seen.

Oregon is in trouble, and it is critically important to elect a governor that is in a season of life to be able to give their full attention to the tasks at hand to turn this ship around!

Someone who understands the role of We The People in governing our communities, not tyrannical government. Someone who stands for parent’s rights in educating their children. Someone who understands the role of government in healthcare policy – allowing the patient and their family to work with their doctor and healthcare professionals without government interference and overreach. Someone who understands and is willing to stand up and speak up for the most innocent Oregon citizens in the womb and their mothers who are so often exploited and manipulated by lies, propaganda and fear from the abortion-on-demand ideologues who pick and choose the winners and losers avoiding real science and the truth of the risks, complications and causal links of abortion on women’s lifelong physical and mental health.

Marc Thielman is one of the few gubernatorial candidates who has taken an active interest in better understanding the bigger picture surrounding the abortion issue. More than just to say, “I’m pro-life.” We have truth and science on our side, and we must take back the narrative in the marketplace regarding the full impact of abortion-on-demand on women, men, marriages and families in our state and nation.

As I have gotten to know Marc Thielman, educator, administrator, and hopefully future governor of Oregon, I believe Marc has what it takes to put in place healthy administrative policy and professionals with a legacy minded policy structure that gives back more local control and decision making power of our schools, healthcare, law enforcement with regard to sanctuary cities and out of control lawlessness, and other policy issues that impact all Oregon citizens, young and old, of every race, color and creed.

Thoughtful Oregonians who care about the future legacy we leave for future generations, yet to be born in mind, we must set aside politics, popularity contests, and remember that public policy is key to helping Oregon heal, prosper and thrive. Many indigenous tribal councils consider first how their policies will impact seven generations to come.

As you are carefully and thoughtfully considering who you believe can move Oregon in a healthy, purpose driven direction that focuses on the value of all of Oregon’s citizens, I urge you to vote for Marc Thielman.

Deborah Tilden
S.M.A.R.T. Women’s Healthcare
Co-Founder & CEO

After watching the actions and listening to the words of many candidates who are out there actively campaigning and reaching wide and large audiences for the last 3 months, I find Marc is the best candidate for the governorship position as his words and actions match 100% every time. Many politicians like to say what we want to hear, but they don’t show us through their actions. Marc is an actionable guy who has been fighting in this state for many years before this gubernatorial race. Not only is Marc on the active front lines for health freedoms for ALL Oregonians, he is also active in helping ALL of our children in schools as the Alsea Superintendent who kept his schools open and running for all of the 2020-21 school to current, is for helping small and medium businesses thrive, land rights, and he has fought first hand against the current governor’s and OHA’s mandates. Marc is for medical freedom, parent’s rights, student’s rights, 2A rights, property rights, lower taxes, and more, so Build Back Basics in Education fully, and enthusiastically endorses Marc Thielman for Oregon Governor.

Jeanette Schade
Build Back Basics in Education
Education Advocate

I met Marc in 2019 as we were fighting against overreaching bills in Salem. I witnessed an articulate committee hearing testimony by Marc. I began to communicate with him regarding the multitude of overreaching bills being pushed forward by the super majority.

Ultimately, after being witness to Marc’s communication with our legislators, they used a quorum denying option to stop these bad bills from passing in 2019.

We forged a great friendship after that. I’ve come to know Marc as a fighter, a communicator, a networker and an idea man. His mind never stops churning out ideas for improvement whether in his school district policy where he is the super intendant, or brainstorming with legislators on government policy strategy. Marc is one of the most intelligent men I’ve had the pleasure to know. He can and will create a government with the least involvement in our personal lives, business lives & non profit organizations. Freedom has a whole lot more meaning than ever before considering the last two years of freedom restricting measures taken by this super majority.

Marc has stellar experience at school/government policy. He works across the isle to reach compromises, instead of employing bully tactics or bureaucratic abuses of agencies to accomplish his will. He thoroughly understands that policy and has safely used it to our children’s advantage throughout the Covid protocols and mitigation efforts.

While other schools have been experiencing record suicide levels, Marc has gone above and beyond to ensure that his district was safe and well aware of what was occurring regarding the real science. Furthermore, he started an online school. He has been pushing for local autonomy of schools and school choice for many years before it was popular. No other schools in Oregon have been pushing back against the overreach of Kate Brown and her bureaucratic abuses.

Marc is a medical freedom advocate, pro gun, & pro responsible logging guy.

I wholeheartedly believe that Marc will be a truly great governor. Please stand with me & vote Marc for Oregon.

Jason Taylor
TFS & Dash Tire Mobile Solutions

I am a retired educator with 47 years of experience as an athletic administrator, teacher and coach at the high school and college level. At Portland Christian Jr/Sr High School I had the privilege of helping the school develop into one of the top small schools in the state both academically and athletically. I have observed Marc Thielman closely the last few years as a family member married to my daughter. I have been amazed at his depth of knowledge and insight into the political field. Yet he is not a politician – it is time that we elect someone who is outside the political realm and does not owe loyalty to any political group. If we elect Marc as our governor the only debt he will owe is to us – the people of Oregon. It’s time for a change Oregon. Let’s get it done!

Richard Remsburg
Retired Athletic Director/Teacher/Coach

I first met Marc last summer at the North Plains Garlic Festival in Washington County. Marc cares about our state and its people and is the best choice to lead our state into the future. As an educational leader he fought for the removal of masks in schools during the COVID pandemic and was not afraid to stand up to unnecessary mask regulations, even when it meant standing alone and deciding to give staff and students the choice of wearing masks, even during a time when it was still required statewide. This shows Marc has the guts to fight for what is right, even when he has to stand alone as Alsea was the first district to do so at the time. Marc has been campaigning across our state months longer than any other candidate I know of, showing how much he cares about ALL people of Oregon not just Portland and Salem. Help Oregon get back to the great times it once had under our last Republican leader Vic Atiyeh, and VOTE FOR MARC THIELMAN FOR GOVERNOR OF OREGON!

Trevor Beard
Westside Mobile Media

I have a 50 year vitally active career as a Registered Nurse. I foresaw an untoward world “event” coming when I watched the 60 minutes talk on Swine Flu vaccines in the mid 1970’s. Our country’s health care was in the quiet process of falling into the hands of the profiteers; becoming a for-profit system, as pharma and the government became one with it. The event I foresaw is here and now. People have not paid attention to the patents, profiteers or money trails, but succumbed to their fear instead, unknowingly abdicating their personal authority to a monetized media that has created a PSYOP. People have forgotten history! The Nazi’s split the Germans against the Jews for fear of “germs;” same with whites against blacks.

Marc is a voice of reason and common sense. After interviewing him in person I realized he was a person who had the alacrity to address all factions of political, personal and business predispositions, and lead Oregon forward in a fair and balanced way. I discovered how much he cares about the “little guy” as well as being able to take care of the big businesses too. Good luck Marc!

Pamela Lewis
Registered Nurse

My wife and I had the opportunity to see Marc in action at The River Church Gubernatorial Governor’s town hall. As a party, we have a few great candidates to take on the task of undoing the wrongs heaped on all Oregonians by the current governor and her associates-at-large. I feel, that Marc Thielman has the fortitude, commitment, passion, and heart to deliver Oregon out of the current state of affairs we currently find ourselves in. Our schools, businesses, churches, law enforcement, nurses, doctors, first responders have been a convenient target to bring harm to our communities and society. Marc Thielman is the candidate to right the wrongs and can lead us back to a state of pride, confidence, hope and a future for ALL people. A leader with know-how, determination and skills to thoughtfully pray us through this next season is what and who we need. As for me and my house…Marc has our vote!

David Brown
David Brown Insurance Agency

Marc has the determination and grit to make the hard decisions to help get Oregon back on track. He will remove the current strangle hold on businesses and support their freedom to operate, serve their client, and grow. He will remove the strangle hold on our kids and schools. He will enable the education system to do its job to teach the next generation the math, reading, writing, history, art, and critical thinking necessary to thrive in the future. He will use wisdom, bravery, and the Constitution to free Oregon from the strangle hold that is causing our slow and sure death. Vote for Marc!

Jeff Edmondson 
24/7 Properties

I have listened to Marc speak and I have watched how he has governed his school and his district fighting for personal freedoms for teachers and students. I appreciate his conservative values and love how he does not back down when rights of citizens are in question. He respectfully stands against those who are taking away our freedoms and speaks truth not shying away from criticism. I believe he will lead Oregon with grace, truth and healthy boundaries and freedoms for our citizens!

Amy Van Beek 
Santiam Christian School

Marc is not afraid to stand up for what is right. He stands for all us hard working tax payers. Marc is a firm supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Marc is not afraid to really answer hard questions not just pussyfoot around them.

David Fiedler
Mid-Valley Clays & Shooting School
Gun Club Owner

Marc is a solutions driven professional. I have seen him come up with creative ideas and innovative answers for intricate situations. He has proven to work with both sides of the table while standing true to his values. Marc will make an excellent Governor. He will provide the change we need to give the power back to ‘The People’ where it belongs.

Stefani Carlson 
Canby School Board Director

Many frustrated Oregonians feel that the radical progressive agendas have such a stronghold in Oregon politics that we have to be willing to concede most battles just to win any, that we must compromise in our choice of candidates in order to avoid losing to those pushing the most extreme agendas. This has never worked in Oregon and we are convinced, along with Marc, that we do not have to concede important battles to win an election — that we can, and should, continue to fight for life in the womb, for rights of conscience and choice with regard to vaccinations, and the liberties granted by God and constitution to conduct business, gather for worship, and parental right to oversee their child’s education. We believe Marc is the right candidate because he has proven willing and capable of taking on the toughest and most contested issues with the skill and courage needed, not only to engage, but to WIN.

Micah Askew
Westside Vineyard Church

Marc is the first and only candidate I have seen in my adult life that has the brawn and the brains to lead this state at a time when we need it most. We cannot afford to advance to a communist nation. The woke culture is only a tool to justify the means unaware they are being led to the gallows. Marc is not woke, he is AWAKE!

Carrie Matthews

Marc Thielman will be our next Governor because he has the fortitude to incorporate sound science in his decision making process even though it may go against the grain. He stood up for his students when it came to wearing masks in school, knowing that it was harmful for their health both physically and mentally. As a man of faith, he will be compelled by a higher power to do what is right, just, and moral for ALL citizens in the great state of Oregon.

Mark Reaksecker, DMD

As a business owner and leader in the minority community I am honored to endorse Marc Thielman as candidate for the next governor of Oregon. Marc is a man of faith, integrity and action. Being in the construction industry, I was impressed by the signs of hard work evidenced by his hands. The love and positivity that I felt when meeting him was undeniable. I hope you get the opportunity to meet this intelligent, poised and distinguished man. Marc has inspired me to come forward and participate in this unfamiliar world of politics. In these uncertain times, I wholeheartedly support him to bring back humanity and unify this state with transparency and compassion.

Edward Simpson
Mainstream Landscape

Marc in his current position as superintendent has stood up for parents rights and his students. I want to support a person who has the best interests of Oregon residents at heart. Someone who believes in our rights as United States citizens. We must have someone who is strong enough to stand up and fight; to return Oregon to a place that we can be proud of. Marc has demonstrated that he is that person.

Rebecca Jackson
Lifelong Oregon Resident

Marc has the integrity and intelligence to speak to people of many different backgrounds. His efforts to research a broad field of implications before making a decision from a multidisciplinary approach are a quality I appreciate in people and those seeking a role in governance. Although Marc has not held a governing role before, I prefer people who are still of the people as it was intended, not career politicians who forget how to connect with the people they are supposed to represent.

Julie Hightman
Faiz Healing

In the years I have known Marc he has been consistent, energetic, and knowledgeable. I’ve seen his devotion to his family and his students and his unwavering commitment to improving himself and everything he is involved with. Marc Thielman is the person that will fully commit himself to make Oregon the best State in the Union.

Dia Taylor
Master of My Homestead

I believe Marc has a firm grasp on what it will take to move the state of Oregon out of the pit that it has been in the past two years. I endorse Marc for future governor of the state of Oregon.

Susan Smith 
Retired Teacher

It’s obvious from Marc’s actions, first keeping schools open for the children during the destructive lockdowns and now supporting their rights to not wear a mask if they choose, that he is a man of truth and integrity. Marc is willing to fight for Oregonians based on true science and the people’s constitutional rights. This is a man that can be trusted.

May Hawthorn 
Licensed Massage Therapist

I believe Marc Thielman will be the best candidate to stand up for the rights of each Oregonian. I believe he is honest in his endeavor to return sanity, safety, and pride to Oregon through sensible legislation. We need someone in office who is concerned about our state being a place our grandchildren will want to raise their children, Marc represents that dream.

Danika Sinram 
Essentially Danika

We need a Governor with sincere beliefs in the importance of our children and our founding faith. Marc is that man.

Pam Lewis
Retired ER Nurse

What a delight to hear a superintendent stand up for what he believes is good for students, staff and parents in his local district!

Terre Davis 

Marc will be very good for Oregon. He is an honest person. He will bring a much needed change to our state. He will cleanout the swamp.

Trudy Matthews
Retired Florist

As founder of Open Schools USA, I have heard hundreds if not thousands of Americans and Oregonians say they are looking and hoping for a candidate that “puts kids first”. Well, parents need not look any further. Marc Thielman has shown, through actions, that he does and has always put children first. Parents don’t care as much as about Democrats vs. Republicans if the candidate will put children’s needs first and make their lives, future success, health and safety a priority above all else. I am confident that Marc is the best candidate and perfect person to lead our state into a better future. Which is one of the main reasons that after nearly twenty years as a Democrat, I’ve changed my voter registration to Republican. Our state is in desperate need of positive change and Marc is that change.

Michelle Walker 
Open Schools USA
Parent Activist

We need a voice in Salem who can stand up to special interests and protect all our rights. There has been no stronger champion for our students, teachers and working families during the Covid crisis than Marc Thielman. He has been been a true leader and is uniquely qualified to lead this great state with compassion and integrity.

Cheryl Mueller
Former South Lane School Board Member

Marc answers the hard questions we ask about this state.

Marlys and Larry Brown
Farmers & Beef Cattle Ranchers

As an engineer, I know how complicated some jobs can get and how many people are involved in getting a product on the market. Marc clearly understands how complicated the job of being governor of Oregon is going to get and how many people are going to be dependent on his decisions that represent the people of Oregon. Marc will govern our state of Oregon towards a future that We-The-People want for us and our children, not continue to drive Oregon over the cliffs of taxation, wasteful spending, and projects that our government is not supposed to be doing. Marc will also put the right people into the right places to accomplish long term goals because Marc is the only candidate that knows he can’t do this job alone.

Oregon has more than that 30 years of unsolved problems. Marc has demonstrated that he has the know-how to be governor of the state of Oregon and is clearly the right person for the job of solving those problems.

Bob Niemeyer
New Ventures Engineering
Mechanical Engineer / President

As a small business owner, I am very concerned about my business and being able to sustain with the way Oregon is currenlty being governed. We have a great business that has helped hundreds of Oregonians. That is why I’m endorsing Marc Thielman for Governor. I find he has a great way of looking at things and finding what is best for ALL of Oregon. Recently, I was able to spend some time with him and his family and learned about all the ways he has been working to keep the Alsea school open and safe for all the families that attend school in his district. The way he has approached the school district is a great way to help everyone and I believe he can do the same for ALL of Oregon.

Matthew J. McCarl Sr.
New Leaf Hyperbarics & Wellness

Marc will be our governor of state revival because he works in the best interest of all citizens.

Using his business and leadership background, Marc is more than qualified to resuscitate and clean up our cities.

  1. He’s dedicated to keeping citizens safe.
  2. Marc works to bring businesses back to Portland, Salem, all cities, and small towns suffering economically.
  3. Education is at the top of his list. Marc promises to enable and inspire teachers to teach a basic, sound, enriched curriculum in schools. Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and truth in History will be the focus in schools.
  4. His educational goals are to help all students reach their full potential to make Oregon thrive.

Marc is the Governor for all people from all backgrounds and all walks of life.

Linda Johnson  
Retired Classroom Elementary and ESL Teacher

Marc Thielman is the right man to serve the state of Oregon as governor! He truly embodies “servant leadership” and is determined to bring solid solutions to many of the areas Oregonians are concerned about. Many others talk it but don’t walk it. In the end these candidates wind up serving special interest and party. These are the same ones that only cater to citizens when they need a vote. Here’s a chance to cast a vote for the man who possess the ability and vision to lead Oregon! Join me and vote for Marc Thielman.

Brian Matthews 
Northwest Auto Group

Marc recognized a war on our families immediately after the first mandate in 2020 and started working to help children, pushing back against Kate Brown’s investigations of his success in keeping his district’s children’s education in tact. We need this kind of brave leadership. His supporters are parents, grandparents and anyone that recognizes the value of a logical education. Vote for someone who’s accomplished something big IN 2020 AND 2021!

Toni Carrasco 

He’s got the intelligence. He’s got the experience. He’s got the perseverance. He’s got the personality. He’s got the heart! He’s got a lovely wife who is a BIG asset!

Pete and Vivian Battjes  
Spirit and Truth Fellowship

Marc is a true leader. He has the ability to change the communist and tyrannical government edict as well as govern with freedom.

Todd Holt  
Peterson Park LLC

I believe Marc has a good moral compass and will make decisions that will benefit the people of our state. He’s shown great leadership in his role as school superintendent and continues to demonstrate his passion to help Oregonians. Marc believes that the mental health of our children is just as important as the physical health of our children. As school superintendent, he has kept his school district open for in-person learning throughout the pandemic, allowing the children to receive a consistent, quality education along with social interactions, while also allowing the parents to continue to work their jobs and provide for their families.

Candice Hawkes
Evergreen Construction and Remodeling LLC

It’s very simple. Marc stands with every parent who is fighting for the freedom of their child/children to have a bright and strong future. No States future is bright if you don’t protect the children and stand with the parents against those who want to do them harm. Example, look at the last 2+ years, I can’t believe anyone wants it to continue! Marc hasn’t stopped fighting from the beginning and continues every day. I don’t have a child in the school system—he’s grown, but to see a candidate whose priority is the children and their families that tells me all I need to know. Oregon needs Marc!

Barbara J Mundt