Marc  has successfully stood up to Governor Brown and the bureaucracy. He wants to put education back under your control through school choice. He has a solution for PERS to overcome the stifling government-created debt obligation that casts a dark shadow over the future for you and your children. And if you are tired of seeing your State trashed by homelessness and lawlessness, Marc Thielman is your man. I enthusiastically endorse Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon.
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Stephen Joncus
Joncus Law P.C

Marc has been a champion for medical freedom and informed consent since early 2019 when he testified against HB 3063 – a bill that sought to remove religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions for schoolchildren. Had HB 3063 passed, an estimated 60,000 children in Oregon may have been denied access to school. Thanks to Marc’s testimony, HB 3063 did not pass – the result being that Oregon schoolchildren continue to have the ability to claim religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions to attend school. With the recent push for COVID-19 vaccine mandates, we need a leader in Oregon who will honor the foundational principle of informed consent in medicine. I believe Marc is Oregon’s strongest gubernatorial candidate for medical freedom. He has demonstrated the courage to do what’s right, and has the strong moral compass necessary to lead Oregon to a place of greater prosperity for all Oregonians.

Luke Yamaguchi
Gut Resolution
Functional Nutritionist

Superintendent Marc Thielman has proven his leadership abilities by standing in the face of adversity several times, including keeping his district and school open these past two years and supporting youth who were on the brink of suicide. During a time of unprecedented crises that disrupted thousands of Oregon families and businesses, Superintendent Thielman focused on the welfare of the children and families he represents, and safely allowed the Alsea School District to remain open. Additionally—even amidst the crisis—he created a new program for families across the state who wanted to safeguard their children from unhealthy amounts of screen time. Superintendent Thielman is also an advocate for each person’s right to medical autonomy, and returning decision making to the capable hands of physicians and their patients. It is for these reasons that he has earned my support and vote for Governor of Oregon.

Julie Glass, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

We need a Governor with sincere beliefs in the importance of our children and our founding faith. Marc is that man.

Pam Lewis
Retired ER Nurse

Marc is a solutions driven professional. I have seen him come up with creative ideas and innovative answers for intricate situations. He has proven to work with both sides of the table while standing true to his values. Marc will make an excellent Governor. He will provide the change we need to give the power back to ‘The People’ where it belongs.

Stefani Carlson 
Canby School Board Director

I have listened to Marc speak and I have watched how he has governed his school and his district fighting for personal freedoms for teachers and students. I appreciate his conservative values and love how he does not back down when rights of citizens are in question. He respectfully stands against those who are taking away our freedoms and speaks truth not shying away from criticism. I believe he will lead Oregon with grace, truth and healthy boundaries and freedoms for our citizens!

Amy Van Beek 
Santiam Christian School

Marc is a great leader and is the type of governor that we need for Oregon. He is courageous and willing to stick his neck out for the people that he is serving. He is intelligent and has great solutions for some our state’s most glaring problems. Marc has a proven track record for listening to the people that he serves and leads and I am confident that he will continue to do this as our leader of the state.

Brian Remsburg
Adventurous Life Coaching
Owner & Coach

As a small business owner, I am very concerned about my business and being able to sustain with the way Oregon is currenlty being governed. We have a great business that has helped hundreds of Oregonians. That is why I’m endorsing Marc Thielman for Governor. I find he has a great way of looking at things and finding what is best for ALL of Oregon. Recently, I was able to spend some time with him and his family and learned about all the ways he has been working to keep the Alsea school open and safe for all the families that attend school in his district. The way he has approached the school district is a great way to help everyone and I believe he can do the same for ALL of Oregon.

Matthew J. McCarl Sr.
New Leaf Hyperbarics & Wellness