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Attorney Steven Joncus | Endorsement for Superintendent Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon

By November 26, 2021April 12th, 2022Endorsements
Attorney Steven Joncus | Endorsement for Superintendent Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon

Below is the direct endorsement from Attorney Stephen Joncus for Superintendent Marc Thielman, who is running to the be the next Governor of Oregon.

Oregon faces a crossroads. On the current path, we are headed toward an Orwellian dystopia where Oregonians are subject to ever increasing dictates restricting their God-given rights and freedom. Small business is being eviscerated. Crime, filth, and hopelessness are enveloping our population centers. The forests are burning. If there is one thing that we have learned in the era of COVID, Oregon’s leadership likes to wield tyrannical power and it wants to turn Oregonians into compliant, docile, sheep who obey the orders of their government masters.

That need not be the destiny of the descendants of our pioneering forefathers. We are self-reliant, not dependent. We trust in God, not a kingdom of man. We are citizens—not subjects. Oregonians need to seize back their rights by electing leaders who will restore power to the people.

Marc Thielman is such a leader. He has successfully stood up to Governor Brown and the bureaucracy. He wants to put education back under your control through school choice. He has a solution for PERS to overcome the stifling government-created debt obligation that casts a dark shadow over the future for you and your children. And if you are tired of seeing your State trashed by homelessness and lawlessness, Marc Thielman is your man. I enthusiastically endorse Marc Thielman for Governor of Oregon.

— Attorney Stephen Joncus

About Attorney Stephen Joncus

Stephen Joncus is an attorney and solo-practioner living in Boring, Oregon. He grew up in Connecticut and was educated as a chemical engineer. His first job was working for Rockwell International at the Hanford Site north or Richland, Washington, pumping radioactive waste around in the desert. Rockwell recruited him to move to Houston, Texas where he became manager of the Shuttle Mission Simulator where the astronauts trained for Space Shuttle flights. While working full-time Steve attended law school at night at the University of Houston and obtained his law license in 1995. In 2001, he returned to the Pacific Northwest working as a patent litigator in a major intellectual property firm in Portland. Stephen went out on his own in 2015 and has now turned his interest toward Public Interest law due to the unprecedented expansion of tyranny in the United States, particularly in his home state of Oregon under Governor Kate Brown.

Stephen has been an invited radio show guest as well as speaker at many medical freedom and public interest rallies, including one that happened recently in Portland on Saturday, November 20th, hosted by Children’s Health Defense. Joncus has seen firsthand the effort to maintain control over the narrative and legal outcomes and can speak to the malicious effort to squash truth and justice against the awful “mandate madness” that we have seen pushed here in Oregon and across our nation.

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