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Healthcare Workers Fired After Misleading OHA Religious or Medical “Exception” Guidance

By September 2, 2021April 12th, 2022Medical Freedom
Marc in Spingfield, OR | Marc For Oregon Governor

UPDATE: My team and I have been collecting a list of vetted resources and materials that you can review to help you better understand your options and potential processes to consider. In addition to the provided resources, attorney Tyler Smith shares his opinion on Exceptions vs. Exemptions.

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PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend in Springfield, Oregon, fired at least 75 frontline healthcare workers after Governor Brown’s OHA paperwork led employees to file non-binding “exception” rather than exemption paperwork, as employees attempted to exercise their right of refusal against the Covid-19 vaccine.

Talk about confusing misinformation. Was this intentional?

Wednesday, September 1st, I had the privilege of listening to many healthcare professionals from the Riverbend healthcare facilities in Springfield, Oregon, at a rally with about 200 people present in a show of support for those that received their termination notices or were placed on unpaid leave by exercising their right of refusal by not taking the jab.

Their employer will not allow for any religious or medical exemptions, either. What they were being offered, in fact, were written “exceptions” and sent 75 frontline healthcare workers packing with their pink slips yesterday, most of whom had filed the paperwork provided by OHA that misleadingly had exception language, vs. exemption, which holds different legal status.

Exemption, by definition, is a specific freeing for an individual from a legal requirement. If you are exempt, then the government has to treat you the same as everyone else.

With Exception, you are not guaranteed the same rights that exemption holds for you, and you are NOT legally protected. Employers can therefore treat employees who are not vaccinated differently with these OHA promoted EXCEPTION rules. Most employees were deceived by this clear and willful misinformation, imposed by our own Governor and her agencies.

Exemption vs. Exception | Marc For Oregon Governor

Note: Exemptions and Exceptions have different legal definitions.

People were told to turn in their badges and they could use their accrued paid time off (PTO) until gone, but wouldn’t be paid outside of that. They were put on leave without pay. Several were told that they were a security risk and a safety risk so they couldn’t even keep their badges! Some of these people are SINGLE PARENTS trying to keep their families out of poverty, yet Brown is prepared to spend $10,000 per week on traveling nurses once these hard-working Oregonians are jobless.

These poor people went from frontline healthcare heroes to security threats in a matter of months.

This is not right! We can do better, Oregon!

One gal said that she would never vote Democrat again and has a history of being a life-long democrat who is a pharmacist. Where is the compassion from Brown’s office for her own voter base?